Amarillo Police Academy


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To continue the standard of professionalism at the Amarillo Police Department, the department requires a high standard of its' Academy Recruit Officers.  We endeavor to hire the most qualified applicants to become recruits in our academy. A career with the Amarillo Police Department offers educational opportunities, specialization and promotion. The Amarillo Police Academy is under the direction of the Training and Personnel Division of the police department.  The Amarillo Police Academy operates on the foundation of the APD Core Values of Honor, Truth, Integrity, Service, Courage, and Leadership.  Additionally, the Academy requires the Recruit Officers to demonstrate discipline, respect, and professionalism. 

The Amarillo Police Academy is held at the Amarillo Police Department from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday with some evening and night training requirements. The academy consists of 32 weeks of classroom and “hands on” training. We use various training techniques, including theoretical knowledge lecture courses, practical skills training, and scenario-based training to enhance the recruit’s learning experience. The academy is designed to provide each recruit with the education required to take and pass the Texas Basic Peace Officer licensing exam; which must be successfully completed in order to be licensed as a peace officer in the State of Texas. In addition to meeting educational requirements set forth by the State, recruits receive additional training specific to our department’s needs.

The Amarillo Police Academy not only meets the minimum 720 hours of mandated training but exceeds that requirement with over 1200 hours of training for each Recruit Officer.  

After successful completion of the academy, the recruits are assigned to the Uniform Division where they are required to successfully complete a 16-week Field Training Officer Program. This training program gradually introduces the new officers to patrol work. Upon successful completion of the FTO program, the new officers are assigned to a permanent shift and can function as an independent police officer.